Self – Referring

Alberta Breast Cancer Screening program (ABCSP), in conjunction with Alberta Health Services, allow women to self – refer for a Screening Mammogram

Breast Cancer Screening Mammography Guidelines

Age                                                     Screening Interval                                                                        Physician Referral Required?
Women under 40                                Not screening – refer to diagnostic facility if indicated.                         YES – must have a referral
Women 40 – 49                                   Screening mammogram every 1 year.                                             YES – for first mammogram only
Women 50 +                                   Screening mammogram every 2 years or as indicated.                          clients may self-refer

Self – referral means that you do not need to have your health care provider order a screening mammogram for you.   Call us today, and book your own!

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Screening Mammograms do not include the following:

Previous breast cancer, breast implants, breast pain or lump, nipple inversion or discharge, skin discoloration.

If you have any of the above conditions, please see your primary health care provider about ordering your mammogram.