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Now Offering DEXA Whole Body Composition Analysis

More than just a BMI! A scan that provides an in-depth analysis of the main components of your body; fat, muscle and bone.

BGSA Radiology

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BGSA Radiology

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BGSA Radiology

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Pain Management Services

Pain Management

Pain Management is an interdisciplinary medical approach, meaning we combine multiple branches of medical knowledge, to relieve pain and improve a patient’s quality of life.

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Mammography Services


Mammograms are an x-ray of the breasts.  There are two classifications of mammograms; Screening and Diagnostic.

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Ultrasound Services


Ultrasound transmits high-frequency sound pulses into your body, which are reflected back to the ultrasound machine to create an image.

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Bone Densitometry Services

Bone Densitometry

Bone Densitometry uses very low-level x-ray to determine the density or strength of bones.

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General Radiology Services

General Radiology

Radiological Technologists use low dose radiation in the form of x-rays to create images of different parts of your body.

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Ultrasound Services

Body Composition Analysis

The DEXA body composition is a valuable tool to assess health and wellness.

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