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What To Expect
BGSA Radiology makes it a priority to ensure you are at ease during your MRI examination, so here is what you should expect when you come visit us for an MRI:


  • Please report to the clinic approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Turn off or mute your phone before arriving.
  • You’ll be asked to complete necessary medical forms when you arrive, these will be provided to you from our front desk staff.
  • BGSA provides our patients with private changing rooms. You’ll be given two-piece scrubs to change into. Please note, you will be asked to remove your jewelry, so leave it at home if you can.
  • One of our friendly technologists will review the medical forms with you to ensure your safety and then take you to the exam room and position you on the cushioned MRI table.
  • The MRI machine can be noisy, so patients are provided with earplugs and headphones to wear during the scan. You will have verbal contact with the technologist throughout the scan should you need any assistance.
  • The MRI table is then moved into the center of the machine and the images are taken.
  • Please note, it is very important to stay still during the exam, this ensures images are clear.
General Description
MRI, an acronym for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, uses magnetic fields and radio waves, not radiation, to create detailed images of the internal structures of the body. An MRI exam is accurate, safe, and completely painless.
How To Prepare
You don’t need to prepare yourself in any way for an MRI exam. You’ll be required to fill out a safety questionnaire before entering the magnet area.

Please note, you’ll be required to remove any jewelry before your exam. Metals are not allowed within the magnet area, so please leave any valuables at home.

More Information
Once your examination is complete, you’re free to leave and resume normal activity.

Results are sent directly from our radiologist to your referring physician. At your request, BGSA offers a complimentary memory stick which contains images from your MRI exam.

How much does an MRI exam cost?
Most of our scans are $650.00, call our office to get a quote today 403-527-7334 ext. 128
Will an MRI exam hurt?
No, an MRI is “non-invasive”. The exam is painless.

You will hear a loud knocking or buzzing sound at various points during the exam, other than that, you won’t feel anything.

Will I be claustrophobic in the MRI machine?
If you have had claustrophobic reactions to enclosed spaces before, talk to your doctor about ways to combat that. Also let our technologist know prior to the start of your exam, we do provide music during the scan which can help take your mind off your surroundings.

Our MRI unit is open on both ends and therefore is not enclosed completely.  If the area we are scanning is at your knees or below, you will enter the scanner feet first.  If above your knees, you will enter head first.   You will have verbal contact with your technologist throughout the duration of your exam, and the technologist will always have the ability to see you through a large viewing window.

If you need any assistance, our technologists will be there throughout the exam

Is there anything preventing me from getting an MRI?
Before entering the magnet, our technologist reviews the health history and safety questionnaire you will fill out to ensure you are safe to enter. Although many of the implants used today are completely safe within the magnet, some are not, so it is very important to let our technologist know about any surgeries you have had.  People with pacemakers, aneurysm clips, especially in the brain; and neurostimulators generally cannot be scanned. Anyone with surgical pins, shrapnel, plates or other types of metal implants should notify the technologist.  As well, anyone with previous eye injuries involving a foreign body (like welders) may need an eye x-ray before their exam to ensure they are completely safe.